Thursday, October 31, 2013




We have a winner from those who posted their scary selfies with #GAMoween to Insta-GAM on Frightening night!  Shortly, we will leave this grand news on our FB group page and fan page.
Samantha W. wins the grand prize:  our designer t-shirt, a treasure box full of sweet delights, and an emerald band and dog tag to confirm her jump in rank from Crimpee to Yeoman.

Our runner-up was Purrrrrr-fect.  Yeoman Roxanne wins a treasure chest filled to the brim with gems as well as a pop-your-top prize!

Congratulations, Ladies!  :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

GAM Is Singing Your Tune

Have ye any Doubloons?  
We don't mean to impugn,
But if your semester is a monsoon,
GAM is singing your tune.

Escape the platoons of goons 
Stuck in their boring cocoons,
Aboard unsteady pontoons
Looking in the light of the moon like tired raccoons, 
Carousing in the same ole saloons.

For shipmates here are the boons:
Golfing out of the dunes,
Swimming in blue lagoons, 
Sleeping til the afternoons, 
Surfing ahead of typhoons,
Eating prunes with two spoons,
Making animals with balloons,
Watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Step to the bow and grab your harpoons,
With GAMship ye fortunes are arriving Soon
Doubloons we be offering, and ye all be sure tycoons.

For Business Sense and Social Grace

GAM™ aka Great American Mentoring™ is a college club organized to network students to learn by edutainment business sense and social grace.  GAM has brought awards to its members, including Outstanding New Organization, 2008-09, and Outstanding Student Organization, 2009-10.  GAM gathers together a multitude of majors; and we all sail ahead together to be so much more.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of the very first sail, 

This is the Prequel to the Fall Adventures of GAM with ASLA.

Friday, September 20, 2013

GAM Bridge Officers for Fall 2013: ASLA

Meet the Bridge Officers for Fall 2013.
Andrea Lee Torres, serving in the French Foreign Legion on an archaeological dig at the ancient city of Hamunaptra, accidentally awakened a Mummy.  As captain, she is determined to track down and make sure that each crew member has their own pet whale. Andrea Lee is infected with the travel bug, but she knows she has to settle down some day. When that time comes, she wants to be web designer, photographer, ceramist, knitter, and coffee barista simultaneously.
Sharmin Rashed was born a gypsy princess who decided she needed a new life sailing aboard GAMship sometime after Sharmin heard Imhotep refer to her as Anck-su-Namun in Hamunaptra.  So, Sharmin decided to sign aboard GAMship as the second in command to escape her doppelgänger.  Sin-Good plans on traveling the world and absorbing the culture from each port she visits with and for you.  She hopes to enter the adventurous world of advertising and slowly work her magic into the United Nations.
Laura Bordas is the navigator of GAMship because she is an aspiring world class cruise enthusiast.  She maps our cruise as our social network librarian, keeping you informed of our carping in your face(book), for you(r) twit(ter) and (insta)gam you to name a few.  She is the leader of the "cool kids crew" and enjoys travel anywhere except Hamunaptra.  Speaking of touchy feely mummies, she also panics when ketchup touches her skin.   Her career objective is to open her own communications agency to retire at 35--leaving behind in her wake a treasurer chest that will provide for her future generations.
Alexandra Soriano is no mummy; she's a mommy.  Chasing after four kids, who are under the age of 7, has definitely given GAMship's purser a few advantages.  Every shipmate will enjoy the cruise, and no one will go missing!  She'll make sure no one is left behind trapped by a swarm of flesh-eating scarabs as Hamunaptra collapses into the sand.  Her goal in life is to become a successful publicist, who'll one day influence mothers to take selfies, do scavenger hunts, search for missing gems, and swim with whales.  What can possibly be the icing on that cake for this ambitious Purser?  To travel the world--by GAMship of course!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Annual Festival With Ye GAM

Avast, me Mateys!

It be Talk Like A Pirate Day.  The whole world every year at this time be in festival with ye GAM setting sail anew on a bon voyage. 

Have ye visited ye Verandah and seen some of the finest pirate booty ye ever laid eyes on?

Have ye read a copy of ye GAMarray Gazette for all ye pirate news?

Have ye something to Carp about, ye Twit(ter)?  Or (Insta)GAM ye?  We be publishing our GLOG regularly.  Send me a message for the world (like in a bottle), even your bio, today, and ye be in it too.

So get into the Spirits, me Mateys!  And talk like a Pirate all day.

Brwaack! Polly want a cracker? … Oh, wait. That’s for Talk Like a PARROT Day.

Aarrrr!  Weigh anchor
 and haul some keel
 over to ye Verandah
 and move up from LandLubber to scurvy bilge rat.

GAM it!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Learning Business Sense Strolling With GAM

As a visiting Chinese MBA student in New York City, and the Purser (treasurer) of GAM, I recently shared valuable business acumen, outside the classroom, by simply strolling down a typical Big Apple street fair. Let me share with you a business model that is both retail and fun: street fairs.
Check out our earlier GLOG:  Made In China
Street fairs often open on weekends between the months of April to December. In the summer, the vendors usually open shop at 8am and finish the day at 6:30pm. During the winter, they open at 10am and close at 5pm due to the weather changes and conditions. There are many types of products sold at the street fair, and many businesses rely on the crowds of customers that visit during the busier weekends. Examples of the types of goods that are sold at street fairs are wine bottle covers, wine stoppers, jewelry boxes, bags, watches, clothing, hats, etc. There are all types of food trucks found in street fairs and customers can shop while they enjoy local cuisines from different regions of the world. One country leads the street. Many of the goods are made in China and the salesmen themselves are also from China, a country known for its great productivity and manufacturing power.
Street fairs are often located in areas that allow ample amount of spaces for businesses to set up their displays and accommodate all the people that pass through, such as the big avenues or open squares in the city. The local officials usually block off the streets, allowing limited access to automobiles so they will not be interfering with the operations of these vendors. Tourists are usually the best types of customers to attract to street fairs because they can find products that are unique and can bring back with them as souvenirs. Street fairs can also impress upon tourists an image of New York that tells a motley story of cultural diversity. As prices are affordable and negotiable, street fairs are the most ideal place to shop for something that is different and memorable.
Although they are small, street fairs are very famous in New York, attracting people from all walks of life. In a way, street fairs are a retail melting pot of their own.  A brief stroll impresses upon you that street fairs are produced by great minds, like us, with a knack for unusual and fun business opportunities.  Join us next time GAM goes on a stroll "for business sense."
Cathy Wei

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bon Voyage, Commodore

Bon Voyage, me Mateys!
I have so many amazing memories from Great American Mentoring.  The education I received from GAM was also outstanding to me.  I made so many new friends as part of the crew; and so could you.  
It was a lot of fun!  My favorite memories are of Valentine Noir (the masqerade ball), Moon On The Sail (weekly movies), Rolling With GAM (bowling), GAM MET BIZ (Metropolitan Museum of Art), Explore Strange New Worlds (Museum of Natural History) and many other fun, educational events.  I will never forget the time we went to the OW campus--GAM On The Island--and all of us girls ended up playing basketball while the boys cheered us on (you have to listen to their play-by-play video commentary).  
My favorite thing was coming up with new events, making ads for them, helping run the events, and of course recruiting new members to them.  I am extremely thankful for all the awards and contests I won.  Judge Gregorek is a very knowledgable and helpful person, who created GAM and made it the best club to join, not only for business majors, but any degree.  The skills I learned from GAM, I know I am going to use in life, because some things everyone needs to know.  After I graduate this term, I hope GAM will continue.  For me it was an extraordinary voyage!  Come aboard and make more memories for business sense and social grace! 
Alyssa D'Amico
Special Note from the Fleet Admiral:  Alyssa has been a superbly supportive shipmate to everyone--a generous spirit and magnanimous heart.  And she is modest.  One of the greatest successes of GAM was Alyssa taking GAM to a private high school to mentor and inspire them in GAMmy Smith Apple.  She won so many awards:  She won a $1,500 Frederique Constant watch at Time for GAM.  She won an iPod at MoMMA (Mother’s Day video card contest).  And she won the very first Atlas Shrugged Award at Bon Voyage.  She is our highest ranking officer; she is our Commodore.  She is my pride and joy.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Renaissance Man

Being able to help others with technical issues, such as removing viruses from their computer with the proper software, and being able to write well and use sophisticated and insightful language are two very important skills in today’s world. Whether you’re at school, work, at home or even just walking around on the street or a public place, technology will always be common. Computers (laptop/desktop) and Smartphones are inescapable in these situations. Furthermore, writing a simple email, text, or even an essay require at least some knowledge of writing. I can say all this from experience.
I happen to be an IT major at NYIT who is not only tech-savvy but also has some great writing skills. First and foremost, I know the basics of operating systems, networks, hardware/software and simply just assisting people with help desk issues. But that doesn’t mean I can’t write and express my thoughts like an author or journalist may do. I have proven myself to write exceptional papers in my college composition classes in the past. So I basically have taken these skills and knowledge and incorporated them into my daily routine. It’s as if writing comes naturally to me now just as technology does.
Being a “Renaissance Man,” or in other words, being good at more than one thing is something I firmly believe in. I know quite a few people who would agree and are adept in more than one skill as well. Having an additional skill can come in very handy in careers or just daily life. I think being open-minded is a great way to think of being skilled in more than one field. It can expand someone’s horizons. Like me for example: I have a technical background but also enjoy writing on my leisure time. So I’m pretty sure it will help me in the long run once I enter the real world.
If you know you are good at something that you don’t do often, anything from sports to music or even cooking, broaden your mind and integrate it into your life. It may serve as a great hobby or possible career. Friends and family will definitely notice that and respect your additional talent. So remember, never let anyone tell you otherwise. In fact, go with your gut instinct!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Mystical Trip of a Fake Vampire

Despite the stillness of my posture, the beats of my heart gradually intensify with each breath that I am taking. I am looking around and myriad of happy excited eyes are frenetically scanning the new comers. Dragging my luggage packed with dozens of presents, I am blending with the crowd in the search for her, my best friend, my mom, my sister. “Hide and seek mommy!” I heard myself giving voice to my thoughts. That's what she would always say when she would give the start for our everyday game. In a jiffy, grabbed from behind I am feeling that warm, soft hug filled with all the love in the world. I turn around and those amazingly green eyes kissed my soul and embraced my being in a way that only a mom could do.

That's how it started, my long expected trip in the Dracula's land in the search for a revelation. Leaving the ever vociferous Romanian airport, we were heading to the neighborhood of my childhood. My mind was cluttered by long past memories that engraved on my face a constant and undisturbed smile. I was living up the excitement of a three weeks trip where my everyday schedule would leave me sleepless.

Every summer I would return there, to my fantasy world where my heart would be infused with all the joyfulness of a child. I needed that dosage of happiness to be able after, to return and confront for another year the loneliness I was bathing in, the loneliness of a city cluttered by over eight million people. But this time would be different. Wasn't a trip planned for only visiting my family, but a whole country? I was in need for rediscovering Romania, a country that hosts the Danube Delta, that baths in Black Sea, that has the only funny cemetery in Europe, that takes pride in having the most monasteries on the continent, a country where Carpathians Mountains barricade Dracula's Castle and its mystical stories.

All these represented for me itineraries to be explored. Grabbing my backpack and my camera, I started my adventure traveling from south to north and west to east. Far from being what I imagined, the unexpected was omnipresent. Riding horses, traveling in gypsies carriages, being rubbed by them, getting lost in mountains and forgotten caves, drinking holy water from the monks' palms and climbing trees for apples were just a few of all those magical moments that filled my trip with surprises. I was discovering a world stripped away of the concreteness of a metropolis. Every step made was unfolding the unknown, where a perfect combination of the nature and a manufactured world would make me grave for more. That world hidden by forests, monasteries and myths of an East European country represented a deep breath of oxygen that pampered my unsettled soul, a self introspection within my nature. I felt healthier, more awake and rejuvenated.

Once I got back in my beloved hometown, I came in contact with my friends and their two years stories in a place where the pace of life was run by other notions of calibration than mine in a city that never sleeps. At the dinner table, in my grandparent’s home, my family's eyes fixed solidly on me but their gaze traveled to a time when I enjoyed prancing around in my diaper dreaming of becoming a dancer. My attitude was affected by the way they anticipated showing me every part of their lives. They had so much pride in their culture and way of life, in their little vineyards with house made wines, in their traditional folklore, in their natural tomatoes and unstained commercialized views. The epiphany that I had was giving me a different perspective about my nature. It struck me to realize how selfish in a way I had become. In all this time being away from my homeland, I was losing the appreciation of the little things that made life so wonderful.

After recollecting my thoughts, I felt like a new being made from a slightly different mold, a humble young woman that would emerge herself in the beauty of life through openness of the heart, momentous observation with detail orientation and detachment. My perspectives on what us and life mean have changed, opening a new exciting chapter of my life. With youthfulness in my heart and maturity in my thoughts, I salute you all, travelers of the world. ;)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Made In China

Ambassador Chris, Lieutenant Cathy, Commodore Alyssa, 
Commander Fayon, and Vice Admiral Chris toured the 
"Made In China" Street Fair on Madison Avenue following an 
UP With GAM gathering with a cheese and pepperoni platter from 
our Commodore and additional goodies to eat.
"Now the looters' credo has brought you to regard [the] proudest achievements as a hallmark of shame, ... prosperity as guilt, [the] greatest men, the industrialists, as blackguards ...."  -- Atlas Shrugged.

GAM is the most diverse club of individuals on any campus.  But unlike the wrong-headed multiculturalists, we are focused upon American exceptionalism--E Pluribus Unum.  Out of many cultures, religions, and creeds, we come together to celebrate what is good--industry..  .
.  .
“In all things social we can be as seperate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.” ― Booker T. Washington.
.  .
British Prime Minister Cameron admonished the United Kingdom's parliament that those ambiguous on Western values should no longer receive state funding, and should be banned from university campuses. "Under the doctrine of state multiculturalism, we have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and the mainstream."  
.  .
As GAM officers walked through a Madison Avenue street fair, our Purser Cathy (Chief Financial Officer of GAM) noted that ironically she came all the way from China to walk this corridor of tents and booths with goods for sale all made in China.
.  .
Cathy is here in the United States to supplement her business education.  While the English language is new to her, she is fluent in dollars and sense.  E Pluribus Unum.
.  .
While Unions supportive of the Democratic Party seek isolationism from foreign competition, and the Occupy Wall Street hoodlums supportive of the Democratic Party demand redistribution from the prosperous, GAM hopes you see that the Made in China label is an extension of the ideal of "the people who created the phrase 'to make money'"across the world.  While China may be a communist state, and the United States a mixed economy, so long as industrialists sprout up around the world, hope for all mankind persists.  
.  .
Let nations default, let children throw tantrums, let fools self-destruct.  But let's not turn our backs on friends in industry.  The People's Republic of China did not make those goods sold on Madison Avenue, Chinese industrialists did.  When you read Made in China, hear as an industrialist E Pluribus Unum.  American exceptionalism has no borders, only multiculturalism does.
.  .
[The opinion here is an inclusive expression from the Fleet Admiral and does not necessarily reflect the current understanding of anyone else.  Isn't that ironic?]  

Friday, October 21, 2011

Captain's Log: Routine Bounty

These are the voyages of the GAMship captains.  Our seventh Captain's Log is about two captains.  
Have you heard of Captain Bligh of the infamous Mutiny on the Bounty?  Our story is in part about Captain Lai and the famous Routine Bounty of GAM.  The routine is our traditions and the bounty is our shipmates.  This Captain's Log is about Captain Andrew Lai (NYIT) and Captain Yosr El-Azhary (NYIT).
GAM has a long tradition of officers selflessly switching titles to give each other a chance at the helm.  Our original two captains--Captain Harry Baker (NYIT) and Captain Ninoska Alvarez (CCNY)-- began the tradition.  More recently Captain Luiza "Lulu" Bilt (CCNY) set the example again for all our shipmates.  That tradition continues again now.  GAM's motto is that we all set sail together for business sense and social grace.  This tradition is a hallmark of ethics--graciousness.  
Lower classmate Captain Yosr has turned over the helm to upper classmate Bosun Andrew.  Captain Yosr has already distinguished herself as a creative leader of GAM.  Beginning as a sapphire class commander under the legendary Captain Christopher "Columbus," she has won awards for her creative and energetic leadership.  Now she evens the score between our sister chapters by sharing the helm with her crew mate.  
Captain Andrew began as a boatswain for Navigator Joy capturing treasured moments of GAM with his one eye to display on GAMour visible from the Verandah.  [Translation of GAMese to English:  Andrew was a ruby class officer who took pictures of our GAM.]  Now he will lead GAMship.  Only one day at the helm and Captain Andrew has already traveled to another college and laudably represented GAM.  There he met with another business club that is interested in joining our Valentine Day's dance.  So impressed were they that they may join our member(ship) as well as another chapter of GAM.
The voyages of these two captains are just beginning, so this Captain's Log will have to be updated.  Bon Voyage, Captains Yosr and Andrew

Monday, October 17, 2011

Careers Ahead with Charlene Degregoria

On Sept. 27, The GAMarray Gazette interviewed GAM's advisor Charlene DeGregoria, GAM's Harbor Pilot leading us safely through our Home Port (NYIT).  She is also the Director of Career Service of NYIT.  She shared news about what Career Services has planned for this semester and generously advised our shipmates about how to take advantage of our club's greatest resource--ourselves.  Charlene even mentored us in the preparation of this--our very first--interview for publication.  We here at The GAMarray learned a lot.  Thank you, Charlene; and to our shipmates:  enjoy the interview.
(G: The GAMarray Gazette; C: Charlene DeGregoria, Director of Career Services and GAM advisor)

G:  Now GAM has more than 60 members--it is a large number, so how do you think we can efficiently manage ourselves?
C:  We need to focus on personal connections.  Facebook, email, and Twitter are not as good as meeting people face to face.  We can use members’ personal information to connect them, so next time when we plan programs, we will know how to begin and how to involve people.
G:  Diversity is one big characteristic of GAM, how can we have a better utilization of that resource?
C:  People like to share their differences; they like multicultural things.  We can try to find out what people usually share:  food, music, video, art, etc.  Those things draw people in.  Although people with different backgrounds may have their own actions and ideas, we still have things in common as well.  Don’t worry about being different at the beginning.  Find out what people like and share it! Thanksgiving Day is a good opportunity; people like all kinds of festivals.
G:  What is the value of a student association in a student's life?  What is the most important element of a successful student association?
C:  Because students here live separately and there are a lot of distractions in N.Y., not too many students take part in a student association.  We need to find out things that attract people.  Just like flowers and bees.  Attract people easily, connect people easily.
     To be a successful student association, strong leadership is a key factor.  Leaders must get to know people and people have to want to follow them.  Besides that, we have to set up some valuable events, not just “free food, free drink.”  We need things people value.  For example, we can hire a pop band and give people a great event.
G:  What do you think about the relationship between different student associations, especially when these clubs have the same members?
C:  Sometimes we need help; we can’t do everything by ourselves.  Be a partner with other clubs.  We can advance a proposal, invite other clubs to be in and ask for advice.  The core part is we need someone to propose and motivate it.  This is our work.  For movie events, for example, we can plan a Drive-In movie; each club can be a car, drive out and have a movie shown outdoors.  But remember:  email is less useful than face to face connecting.
G:  The GAMarray Gazette is our club journal and we post it on GAM’s GLOG.  How can we attract more students to contribute?
C:  There are a lot of things they can write, especially for new members such as:  students can share their feelings about their new life in N.Y.C.; they can also write about what kind of help they want to get from GAM; etc.  We need to challenge them with a topic share about.
G:  How does Career Services like their new location/offices?
C:  Beautiful!  Amazing!  Now we have enough space to have workshops, hold activities, even video conferences.  Everyone is welcome!
G:  What is Career Services planning this semester that they would like your shipmates to know of?
C:  Let me show you....
[Editorial Note:  Charlene showed us the Career Services Fall 2011 brochure full of events and programs for all of us.  For your copy, we invite you to come see for yourself at the brand new offices of Career Services at 26 West 61st St., 2nd Floor.]

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome Aboard GAMship

Ahoy ye Mateys,

Time to sign up a whole new crew for our fourth voyage of GAMship. Yes, this is going to be our fourth year: we have collected along the way Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires; and this year will be Citrines. By signing the Crew Manifest, you can make sure you are counted among the crew, sharing in the treasures, such as handsome steins, artist-designed t-shirts, engraved rings, and other booty

We have two college ports for our (member)ship: NYIT and CCNY. Shipmates are welcome to join adventures at both ports. "Gam" means seafarers mingling to talk business and to socialize. GAM offers educational entertainment, joins other clubs together and invites all majors and interests to participate and share with each other. We have a long list of unique and diverse GAMes, like our Valentine Noir Masquerade Ball, our Now You're International Too cultural celebration, our Come Celebrate New Years going around the world with GAM, and sailing ahead to do so much more.

There are no time or financial obligations. Sail as often or as little as you like. But you cannot share in the booty unless you sign up. So sign aboard.  Everything there is to know about GAMship is on our Wheelhouse (our online electronic clubhouse). We need your help making GAM better.  Take a leadership role, such as Yeoman, Boatswain, Chief Mate or Ambassador, and help steer GAMship for the horizon. 

Beneath this sea of maritime adventure is the indelible letter of marque (your resume with GAM) to come laud your internships, leadership, certificates, awards and other accomplishments.  Join for the companionship, friendship, fellowship, kinship, GAMship!

Welcome aboard GAMship!

For Business Sense and Social Grace,
GAM it! |